Slide Specialists in the rebuilding of vintage vehicle parts 1929 Duesenberg Slide 1914 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost We've rebuilt parts
for many Silver Ghosts
Slide 1910 Stanley Steamer Owned by Gil Hall,
Plant Superintendent

For almost 20 years, we’ve specialized in the manufacturing of vintage vehicle parts, engines, transmissions and rear ends. 

In addition, we manufacture gears, axle shafts, ring & pinion sets, rear end assemblies, engine assemblies and more for vintage vehicles, antique cars, steam and fuel-powered trains, motorcycles and anything else that moves.

Not just autos that will reside in the Yankee Works Museum in Guilford, CT.

We’ve made parts for steam vessels going back to the mid-1800’s as well as parts for a replica of the first V-8 engine used in an airplane, vintage motorcycles, and a steam locomotive that resides in the Ford Museum. We are currently making parts for a 1/3 scale model of a steam-driven ship from the 1800’s that will reside in a New York museum.

We match your part to original specs or modify parts for greater endurance or safety

REMPCO Vintage vehicles can match a part from your vintage vehicle to precise original specs. Or we can re-design the part to result in performance and safety improvements. Owners who experience repetitive failures often request replacement parts with stronger and more durable materials. One example of a redesign includes gear ratio changes to increase the speed of a vintage vehicle when the owner was having difficulty keeping up with city traffic. Another example is the modification of brake assemblies to make vehicles safer. In addition, REMPCO’s Engineering Department is equipped with 3D modeling capability.

Vast library of parts drawings

We have a huge library containing drawings of the parts that we have made. If we don’t have a drawing for your part you can send us the part and we will make a new drawing using a process known as “reverse engineering.” To put it simply, instead of using the drawing to make the part… we use the part to make the drawing.

When it comes to mechanical parts there is very little that we can’t do.  And we are fortunate enough to have a Plant Superintendent who is a vintage automobile enthusiast.  Gilbert Hall has 5 Model T’s and a Stanley Steam car of his own. He is well-known and highly respected by vintage vehicle owners and clubs throughout the country and abroad. Read more about Gil on our About Us page

Our “Job Shop” methodology aids in production speed

Vehicle owners appreciate our faster-than-typical turnaround. We’re a “job shop” that is accustomed to creating custom parts.

REMPCO is pleased to announce the newest addition to the REMPCO menu of Vintage Vehicle parts.  Replacement parts for Vintage/Classic Tractors are now available from REMPCO!

REMPCO Vintage Vehicles is a department of REMPCO, a leading supplier of precision replacement parts for industrial machinery for over 40 years. Read more about our sister company’s history here:


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