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For all the vintage car enthusiasts, tinkerers, old car hobbyists, and many others, finding parts for your car can prove to be quite the task. Especially if you’re working on really old cars and vintage cars whose parts have been out of production for a long time. The original ones you may find may be useless — battered from wear and tear, rusted from decades of sitting out in the weather, or from a car that has long been forgotten. 

Needless to say, finding an original engine, transmission, or rear end for vintage cars is a hunt that may prove to be unsuccessful, not to mention, the part can easily fail or be dangerous. So, what’s the alternative? 

REMPCO Vintage Vehicle is your solution to new rare car parts made for vintage and antique vehicles. Learn more about the advantages of working with us in today’s post!

New Car Parts For Vintage And Antique Vehicles

Have you had a chance to see what we can do? Pursue our Vehicle Gallery, Racing Gallery, and Other Vintage Vehicles to get a snapshot of the work we’ve done. From rebuilding a 1906 Autocar transmission and 1909 Locomobile helical cam gear to a new crank, cam, and new cylinders on a 1910 replica Wright Brothers Airplane, REMPCO Vintage Vehicle supports planes, trains, and automobiles!

How can we support your project vintage vehicle? 

We machine brand new car parts to their exact specifications through a variety of tools and techniques for a perfectly made car part that works beautifully with your vintage vehicle. 

Why are our services important? 

REMPCO Vintage Vehicle helps people restore cars to get vintage vehicles back on the road, and if you’ve ever taken on this kind of a project, you know that finding parts in mint condition is nearly impossible. We streamline the restoration by making new parts, instead of leaving you on a wild goose chase for an original part that may or may not even be salvageable.  

How REMPCO Vintage Vehicle Assists Your Restoration

We match the original specifications. 

At REMPCO Vintage Vehicle, we don’t just wing it or make axle shafts, pinion sets, or engine assemblies based on what we think might work — we match or modify the original car parts to promote greater performance and heightened safety. 

Original car parts endure repetitive failures, which means only one thing — your vintage car requires better quality and more durable materials. 

A redesigned and improved car part can mean modifying gear ratios to increase the speed so your car can keep up in modern-day traffic, or making brake assemblies in vintage cars safer.  

3D Modeling Capabilities

The work our engineering department does is magic, well, hard work and precise calculations! Our engineers can produce a 3D representation of any car part and control for a variety of variables to produce a final part that is durable and stands up to the specific requirements you need. Not only do you get a new car part, but you get one specifically designed to perform how you need it to, from racing to a daily driver!

Comprehensive Blueprint Library

REMPCO Vintage Vehicle has over 20 years of experience, and we’ve created a lot of car parts for antique and vintage vehicles. Because our engineers create a 3D rendering of each part, we’ve built up quite a library over the years, that we may even have the exact part you need in our database. 

Reverse Engineering Capabilities

How do we create a new part if it’s not in our blueprint library? Don’t lose hope, REMPCO Vintage Vehicle always has a solution! If the car part is not in our database, we can create a new one through reverse engineering — it’s one of our specialties! Simply send us the part you need to be replaced, and we’ll use reverse engineering to make a new drawing — we use the part to make the drawing. 

Job Shop Methodology

REMPCO Vintage Vehicle embraces the methods of a job shop to speed production so you can get your part sooner. Essentially, we move from one job to the next and have a comprehensive facility with a broad range of equipment that makes this possible. This allows us to customize and quickly produce the car part needed in a streamlined process. 

Our turnaround times are faster than other machine shops, and we can create custom parts because of our innovative and automotive-specific tools and equipment.

REMPCO Vintage Vehicle Has You Covered

From vintage automobiles and antique farm equipment to planes and locomotives, REMPCO Vintage Vehicle can produce the rare and hard-to-find parts you need through 3D modeling, our vast blueprint library, and reverse engineering. No restoration project is too big or small for us — we love a challenge!

To learn about how we can assist you and create the part you’re looking for, reach out to us today!