REMPCO Vintage Vehicle History

To this day REMPCO continues to support the priorities established by Tom Harris almost 40 years ago, which are in his words, “Quality 1st, Service 2nd, and Price 3rd.”

REMPCO’s foray into the world of vintage vehicles came largely due to the efforts of Gilbert Hall, now our Consultant. Like many vintage enthusiasts, collectors, historians and tinkerers, Gilbert is a collector of vintage vehicles himself. He is well known among his fellow collectors for his expertise and commitment to preserving vintage vehicles and has become a familiar face at vintage car events throughout the country.

In addition to his 20 years of manufacturing vintage parts, Gil’s credentials include:

  • Past President of the Model T Club International
  • Guest lecturer at the Stanley Museum in Kingfield, ME
  • Current President of the Michigan Chapter of the Model T Club International
    (The Crankin T’s)
  • Owner of 5 Model T’s and a 1910 Stanley Steamer
  • Expertise in all manufacturing processes of parts for vintage vehicles
  • Experienced, first-class machinist for over 40 years
  • Enthusiasm and dedication that he projects during television interviews

See a video with Gil showing some unique parts manufactured by REMPCO Vintage Vehicles.

Shown from the cover of “Model T Times”, this photo features Gilbert’s daughter Amanda, and her friend Sarah standing alongside their Model T Speedsters. This picture was part of a 6-page article in “Hemmings Classic Car” magazine, which included pictures of the two young ladies putting finishing touches on their two colorful speedsters.

REMPCO is proud of what our professional and highly trained workforce has accomplished while working alongside Gilbert Hall.

REMPCO’s History

REMPCO Inc. is proud to announce that in 2018 we are celebrating our 40th year as a leading supplier of precision replacement parts for industrial machinery.

REMPCO Inc. was founded in 1978 with one specific purpose in mind – to provide top quality replacement parts for a wide range of industrial machinery. Our Michigan facility houses one of the largest and most diverse libraries of machine tool drawings in North America.

On the off chance our library doesn’t include the drawing you need, our team of skilled designers are trained to reverse engineer a majority of hard-to-find parts. Just send it to us and we’ll do the rest.

Our parts are custom-made by professional machinists right here in the USA.

Our goal is to keep your operation running at full capacity with our well-crafted American-made parts that you can rely on.

Examples of the parts REMPCO Inc. provides, and the services we offer can be found on our website at