October 9, 2015

Cadillac, MI – Rempco Inc. announced today that it developed a lubrication-free, screw elevator for a cereal packaging application.  The elevator replaces existing chain-driven systems which were difficult to maintain and addresses safety concerns linked to potential failure modes.

Rempco engineers worked closely with Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. of Kalamazoo, MI to meet very challenging technical requirements.  In addition to lubricant-free operation, the system had to be capable of operating at a velocity of 30 fpm while carrying loads up to 2,500 lbs.  In case of power loss, the screws could not be backdrivable to prevent the load from dropping under its own weight if the primary brake failed.  Finally, the system had to withstand frequent wash-down intervals without affecting performance.

Rempco addressed the lubricant-free requirement by selecting high-lubricity bronze nuts in combination with two, triple-thread ACME screws sized to minimize thread flank pressure.  The helix angles were designed to meet the aggressive velocity requirements as well as prevent backdriving.  Since lead screws are impervious to wash-down, they were an obvious choice for this application according to Rempco engineers.

Technical Packaging Systems developed the overall system including which included a programmable logic controller to manage load and velocity parameters based on a custom operating profile.  Two units are already in operation with production of additional units scheduled for the near future.

About Rempco

Rempco was established in 1978 and is leading producer of precision machinery component parts.  Beginning with threaded products including lead screws and nuts, the company soon expanded into gear manufacturing to address high customer demand.  In 2013 the company was acquired by a Michigan based group of investors committed to building on its excellent reputation.

Rempco continues to stimulate the local economy and maintain its environmentally friendly business practices. For more information, please visit https://rempco.com/.


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