During our 20 years of manufacturing parts for Vintage Vehicles, we have been fortunate enough to have received numerous phone calls and notes of appreciation for our willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.

Experience has also taught us that sometimes opportunities become testimonials. Here’s what our customers have to say about our service.

A new customer, Ralph Gregory, expressed his satisfaction with REMPCO and Gilbert Hall in a 2005 magazine article. In this article, he described how he searched to find someone to machine a higher ratio ring and pinion set in order to increase the cruising speed in his 1932 Dodge.

During his first meeting with Mr. Gregory in Hershey, PA, Gilbert offered to design, manufacture and install the new gear set in the carrier. After installing his rebuilt carrier, Mr. Gregory described his first impression as, “it made a tremendous difference.”

He went on to explain that he was now “able to keep up with the traffic,” and that the “noise level was considerably lower.”

1924 Chrysler, with a note from the owner stating that “the new transmission gears manufactured by REMPCO have made the car quieter and easier to shift.”

Newspaper clipping showing Constance Stanley Boudeman, the Great Granddaughter of F.E. Stanley, driving a replica of a 1906 Stanley Vanderbilt. The pictures include a hand-written note to Gilbert “Red” Hall, thanking him for “all your excellent work.”

1912 Stanley Steamer Mountain Wagon with a hand-written personal thank-you note addressed to “Gilbert and the REMPCO Team.”